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Yellowhammer Candle Co. Scents


Yellowhammer Candles Summer Evening

Alabama Shores

A relaxing combination of ocean mist, coastal florals, and earthy leather tones
will transport you to the Alabama coast.

Blue Volcano

This lovely fragrance inspired by the Capri Blue® fragrance is a clean, fresh scent with top notes of tropical fruits, woodland greens and sweet citrus, middle notes of ripe strawberries and fragrant jasmine, and bottom notes of sweet seasonal raspberries.

Amazing Grace

An elegant and romantic fragrance with top notes of green and fresh citrus,
middle notes of summer florals including jasmine and lily, and bottom notes of woody musk and earthy amber. Inspired by Bridgewater Candle.

Sweet Cotton

Fresh green apple with hints of orange and pineapple on a dry down of musk.

Creme Brulee

A buttery creamy bouquet with a rich vanilla background.

Coffee Shop

A fabulous wake-me up kind of smell. Fresh brewed coffee with hazelnuts and a
hint of sweetness.

Mahogany and Teakwood

Top notes of green citrus and fruit are paired with the sweet florals of
jasmine, rose and lily, anchored by sweet woody base notes. Inspired by Bath and Body Works.



A crisp, clean balsam fragrance with greens and wood. Perfect for the fireside. Inspired by Yankee.

Dicken's Christmas

A fruity spicy bouquet of cinnamon, clove, nutmeg and juniper notes with a sweet musky background.

Apple Maple Bourbon

Mouthwatering, boozy scent starts with top notes of apple, cinnamon, and a hint
of orange. Bourbon and butter are the heart of this fragrance, while rich, sweet maple and vanilla finish off this irresistible baked apple dessert.

Hansel & Gretel

Scrumptious, spiced gingerbread frosted with creamy vanilla magically blended with a bit of clove, a touch of cinnamon, warm buttery caramel and nuts.

Pumpkin Cheesecake

A bewitching fall fragrance that mirrors the spicy sweet essence of pumpkin
cheesecake. Sweet and vibrant.

Santa's Workshop

Sweet peppermint sticks with a creamy, rich vanilla foundation. Inspired by Yankee.

Salted Caramel

The rich, indulgent scent of salted caramel created with a combination of sweet
coconut, caramelized sugar and silky caramel vanilla. Inspired by Yankee.

Cozy Flannel

An excellent fragrance that is both cozy and an outstanding unisex scent; a warm blend of bergamot, mahogany and a delicate veil of musk. Inspired by BBW.

Candy Corn

Creamy sweet vanilla with a light buttery top note.

Bonfire Nights

Tangy pomegranate notes, fragrant orange blossoms and the balsamic scents of white pine needles intertwine with juicy blackberry notes, resinous juniper berries and the minty hints of rosemary herb. The woodsy hues of birch leaf, red maple leaf, the pear-like tonality of dried persimmon tree leaves blend together to unite this scent.

Apple Harvest

A true, ripe apple fragrance combined with bright fruit notes and just a touch of spice. It has year-round appeal but is especially nice around apple picking time.