Our Story

What started as an opportunity quickly grew into so much more.  As the owners of Yellowhammer Candle Co. it is our goal to provide a great product that you can enjoy in your home, office and/or vehicle.

We pride ourselves on the appearance of and the ingredients used in our candles and melts. We use 100% Soy wax for all of our candles and melts. Doing this guarantees you the cleanest and most natural product on the market, and in turn we are also helping support the American farmer by using wax harvested from soy beans grown here in the U.S.

Why a soy wax instead of a paraffin wax? A candle is a candle, right?

Soy wax is much more beneficial, and eco-friendly than paraffin wax. Soy wax is non-toxic, and is actually used by some customers as a moisturizer after being melted in our candles. It is a renewable and biodegradable product. Also, by using soy wax we are not only helping and taking care of our precious Earth, but we are also helping to support the American farmer.


Justin & Christy Williams